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FCC Slams White Space Coalition’s Internet Service Device

FCC Slams  White Space Coalition’s Internet Service Device

The FCC has criticized a White Space Coalition prototype device which is supported by Google, Microsoft, HP & Intel which would take advantage of the unused television airwaves in the spectrum to beam high speed Internet.

The FCC says the prototype device caused television interference in the 700 MHz spectrum. The White Space Coalition plans to work with the FCC to identify the problems.

Ideally, the White Space Coalition would help to bring affordable broadband Internet access to the rural areas of the US, expanding services like YouTube, Internet television and other broadband reliant projects, and bypassing the existing Ma Bell & Cable Network controlled broadband infrastructure.

UPI Reports:

The FCC previously said it would allow use of wireless devices in TV spectrum as long as they are fixed. But it later said it would consider allowing unlicensed portable devices to use the spectrum.

The FCC found the sample didn’t not consistently sense or detect TV broadcast signals and sometimes caused broadcast interference.

The White Spaces Coalition said in a statement it was encouraged “that FCC engineers did not find fault with our operating parameters and remain confident unlicensed television spectrum can be used without interference.”


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