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FastClick Pop Up Boycott Gaining Steam

FastClick Pop Up Boycott Gaining Steam

Have a pop up blocker on your browser (most are default now) but those pesky pop ups still finding a way to work around the blocker? It happens to me everyday, even on Firefox and I’m not talking about DHTML ads, but normal browser window pop ups.

Steve at AdRants is sick of the pop up invasion from advertising networks such as FastClick and has called for an all out boycott on the company : Ad network FastClick, along with all other ad networks that continue to defy people’s wishes by circumventing pop up blockers should be boycotted for their pop up delivery practices. Not only are pop ups annoying but [they are] clearly deceptive and all about trickery. What respectable ad network would even consider allowing such an advertiser to use its network?.

Also, shame on Dribbleglass, the site at which this pop up popped, for allowing pop ups to be served. To be fair, all pops are not always associated with the site being visited but most are.

We’ve worked with FastClick in the past on SEJ and although we did not serve pop ups, we were happy with their CPM results. However, the ads always seemed to be for Smiley and screensaver downloads, which lead to kids and naive Internet users unknowingly downloading adware onto their computers – something we did not want to contribute to. It should also be noted that FastClick is not the only ad network which serves such “work around” pop ups, but is probably the largest.

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FastClick Pop Up Boycott Gaining Steam

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