Fake Google Toolbar Spreading Viruses

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Fake Google Toolbar Spreading Viruses

SurfControl of northern California has said in a release that they have noticed that computer hackers are now using a Google Toolbar look-alike application to lure people into installing malicious program on their computers.

This malware application is capable of turning the victim’s machine into a zombie, which the hackers can later use for internet attacks, or mass spam mailing.

The company added that they have been noticing that emails containing links to this malware application circulating around earlier this week. These mail messages lure the target user into visiting bogus websites and downloading the fake Google Toolbar application.

And instead of the useful browser add-on, the victims ended up downloading a Trojan. SurfControl is now advising the web users to stay alert of these kinds of mails and download the Google Toolbar from the official Google website.

Sushubh Mittal is the Tech Columnist on Search Engine Journal and shares his ideas and reviews on TechWhack.

Loren Baker
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  • gary

    How do you know for sure you have the right tool bar?

  • Turin Shroud Group

    In response to gary; by downloading the toolbar from Google or Firefox and by always running good virus/spyware protetion.

  • Ron Moody

    I’ve looked everywhere but found no source to tell me what to do if I have this fake toolbar.

    How do I get rid of this thing?


    something similar happend to me on http://www.google.com,

    a warnng came up that my system i infected, thn I saw a drive scan online performed and to get rid of it I was asked to download the relevant software, I have 4 different kinds of anti-virus+anti-spyware none o it detected something abnormal.result was I had for 2 days to scan+re-scan etc my PC. how does such crap happen to GOOGLE?? REALLY AM CONSIDERING USING YAHOO IN THE FUTURE ,THEY APPEAR TO KEEP THEIR SYSTEM CLEAN.

  • Manny

    We are getting many calls from users where I work at that when installing a java update it asks you if you would like to install google toolbar, and that is when our users become infected.

  • Tuttle

    Hey Manny,
    I’m up to my butt with this fake tool bar thing which was installed exactly as you discussed in January.

    I’ve run numerous scans with a new download of McAfee, but it doesn’t appear to be helping. COMCAST suggested I get a McAfee guy on the phone for $60 bucks

    Any th0ughts?

  • jack

    my computer got the same thing…
    the problem is that nothing detects it and when i try to unistal it, it says that the progam was not reponding and closed. so i dont know how to get rid of it. I deleted a folder in the %temp% called google toolbar but idk if that was enough….
    PLZ HELP… and email me if u know how to fix it. jack21jak21@yahoo.com

  • Brandon

    I cant remember if i got that stupid virus from a toolbar or not, but i got it last week and i was pissed to get a virus using Google. Nobody in my house believed me either, there like “oh yea you cant even use google anymore, EVERYBODYS gettin viruses from there; ok” i have been workin on gettin rid of this virus for the past few days and actually im in the middle of doin that right now, i am using a different comp in my house and transfering everything to the other comp. also the infected comp shut down internet connection to it completley. Im not sure if that was for saftey reasons or what but its pretty annoying and I dont have tha money to take it to a shop and I’m pretty good with computers but its almost worth just dropping it off.