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Fake Google Toolbar Spreading Viruses

Fake Google Toolbar Spreading Viruses

Fake Google Toolbar Spreading Viruses

SurfControl of northern California has said in a release that they have noticed that computer hackers are now using a Google Toolbar look-alike application to lure people into installing malicious program on their computers.

This malware application is capable of turning the victim’s machine into a zombie, which the hackers can later use for internet attacks, or mass spam mailing.

The company added that they have been noticing that emails containing links to this malware application circulating around earlier this week. These mail messages lure the target user into visiting bogus websites and downloading the fake Google Toolbar application.

And instead of the useful browser add-on, the victims ended up downloading a Trojan. SurfControl is now advising the web users to stay alert of these kinds of mails and download the Google Toolbar from the official Google website.

Sushubh Mittal is the Tech Columnist on Search Engine Journal and shares his ideas and reviews on TechWhack.

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Fake Google Toolbar Spreading Viruses

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