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Fake Blogs: Is it a Big Deal?

Fake Blogs: Is it a Big Deal?

Fake Blogs: Is it a Big Deal?

Fake Blogs and Blog Anchor Text: While the author of asbestos.stinkmachine.com is not interested in the subject, he is acquiring some good linkage data as the blog community states how fascinated they are with him making money from AdSense.

In Google’s investor day a slide showed Weblogs Inc makes over $600 a day from AdSense. It seems there are a ton of AdSense sites, but if you lack topical interest is it a sustainable business model Other than the guy getting the free links from the oohs and ahhs most people are going to need to spend some $ to build linkage data.

There probably is still some easy money on the table, but as time passes surely that market will get much much more saturated and competitive.

On a side note, if bloggers are so smart and well connected, how are they so behind the loop on AdSense? More on Fake Weblogs:
So evil they may as well be…

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