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Facebook Users Spend 14 Hours Per Month on Its Mobile App [STUDY]

facebook mobile users

The results of a study commissioned by analytics firm Verto reveals just how much time people are spending on Facebook’s mobile app each month.

Facebook’s 222 million monthly users in the US spend an average of 14 hours each month within the the company’s mobile app.

By comparison, that’s 6.6 hours more than the average time spent on WhatsApp per user per month, and a whole 9 hours more than YouTube users spend on its mobile app each month.

The report notes a huge discrepancy between time spent on an app and the total reach of that app. For example, between Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, Messenger has the greatest reach (87 million US users) but WhatsApp is more successful at engaging its audience of only 10 million US users.

WhatsApp users spend 5 hours more per month on its app compared to the total time spent by users on the Facebook Messenger app each month.

Verto speculates the difference in user engagement might be one of the reasons Facebook valued WhatsApp at $19 billion when it acquired the company in 2014.

If you had any doubts when it comes to Facebook’s investment in mobile properties, consider that Facebook’s app now accounts for 76% of total time spent by users on the social network.

Wondering how well Twitter is doing at capturing the attention of mobile users? It’s currently in 5th place when it comes to total time spent by mobile users each month — and that’s counting Vine and Periscope as well.

Facebook is without a doubt the uncontested leader where capturing the attention of mobile users is concerned.

This is the kind of information that can help guide marketers towards where to allocate their time and money when running mobile marketing campaigns.

For more stats like these, see Verto’s full report on the US digital content market for the first half of 2015.

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Facebook Users Spend 14 Hours Per Month on Its Mobile App [STUDY]

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