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Facebook Updates Ad Manager App With New Creative Tools

Facebook Updates Ad Manager App With New Creative Tools

Facebook has updated the Ads Manager app with a suite of creative tools, allowing advertisers to build ad content from a mobile device.

The Ads Manager app, introduced in 2015, is a mobile solution for creating and monitoring ads.

Until now, image-based content for Facebook ads had to be created outside of the Ads Manager app. Advertisers would then have to save the image to their phone and upload it to Ads Manager.

With this update, Ads Manager is a step closer to being an all-in-one mobile solution for Facebook advertisers.

Advertisers can now edit ad images, and create the advertisement itself, directly from the Ads Manager app.

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Facebook Ads Manager now offers the following creative tools:

  • Text Overlay & Text Policy Checker: Incorporate text within an ad, select different fonts, adjust the text’s positioning, and modifty opacity. The text policy checker will ensure the amount of text in the ad satisfies Facebook’s guidelines.
  • Image Cropper: Crop images to fit within ads and Page posts.
  • Templates: Fully customizable ad templates comprised of stickers, text, and shapes.
  • Shapes, Stickers & Logos: Add a logo, stickers and shapes to customize the ad and showcase important information.
  • Color Filters: Adjust the look of an ad by adding color filters.

The update to Ads Manager can now be downloaded on iOS and Android.

For further assistance with Facebook ads, please see the following resources:


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