Facebook Timeline Poll Results and Some Helpful Links

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Last week we asked if you have the Facebook Timeline enabled and how you felt about it. These poll results are really interesting.

  • Have it and like it – 101
  • Don’t have it and want it – 34
  • Have it and hate it – 41
  • Don’t have it and don’t want it – 97

The amount of people that have & like the timeline and those that want it are almost equal to those that have & hate the time line and those that don’t want it. It is hard to make everyone happy in almost anything; I assume FB is trying. I am looking forward to a time when Facebook lets me drag and drop to create my own page with the items I want people to see. Thanks to those that participated in the poll.

I have included some articles about the the new Facebook timeline that might be helpful.

Facebook Timeline Helpful Articles

Melissa Fach

Melissa Fach

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