Facebook Timeline Poll Results and Some Helpful Links

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Last week we asked if you have the Facebook Timeline enabled and how you felt about it. These poll results are really interesting.

  • Have it and like it – 101
  • Don’t have it and want it – 34
  • Have it and hate it – 41
  • Don’t have it and don’t want it – 97

The amount of people that have & like the timeline and those that want it are almost equal to those that have & hate the time line and those that don’t want it. It is hard to make everyone happy in almost anything; I assume FB is trying. I am looking forward to a time when Facebook lets me drag and drop to create my own page with the items I want people to see. Thanks to those that participated in the poll.

I have included some articles about the the new Facebook timeline that might be helpful.

Facebook Timeline Helpful Articles

Melissa Fach

Melissa Fach

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  • Dat

    for those with timeline, facebook has an app that provides timeline covers and the tools to make your own timeline cover. the link is apps.facebook.com/timeline_covers?drf=sej

  • Nick Stamoulis

    It’s true, you can’t please everyone. Whenever Facebook makes any kind of change there is always some kind of backlash. Of course, those users adjust and get over it eventually.