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Facebook Has New Requirements for Custom Audience Ad Targeting

Facebook Has New Requirements for Custom Audience Ad Targeting

Facebook is introducing new requirements for custom audience targeting which will be in effect for all advertisers starting July 2nd.

New requirements are being introduced in an effort to ensure targeting is done responsibly and that people understand why they are seeing specific ads on Facebook.

‘Custom Audiences’ is a targeting method that allows advertisers to reach groups of people they’ve already built a relationship with. For example, this could include a list of email addresses acquired from a lead generation form on the advertiser’s website.

Individuals who belong to a custom audience may not understand why they are being targeted by certain ads, and Facebook wants to make that clearer to them.

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As of July 2nd, Facebook will be implementing the following new requirements for custom audience targeting

Showing people the origin of the audience information

Facebook will require advertisers to specify the origin of the people’s information when uploading a new custom audience. Advertisers will need to indicate whether the information was collected directly from people, provided by partners, or a combination of the two.

As a result of the advertiser supplying this information, users will be able to see why they are being targeted by a certain ad. This information will appear in the “Why Am I Seeing This?” section.

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Facebook will show users the source of the information that was used to target them, and whether the advertiser was able to reach the individual through their phone number or email address.

Modifications to audience-sharing requirements

New requirements will be put in place for advertisers when sharing custom audiences from a customer file, such as one acquired by an advertising agency.

In these cases, both parties will need to establish an audience-sharing relationship through Business Manager, and agree to Facebook’s custom audiences terms.

Educating advertisers about terms

Advertisers will start seeing more frequent reminders of their obligation to help protect people‘s privacy before they run their ads.

In addition, everyone on an ad account will need to accept the terms when uploading custom audiences. Previously only the admin on the account was required to except the terms.


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