Facebook Marketing ROI: 3 Case Studies

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If you’ve been in Social Media for the last three to four years, you’re well acquainted with the controversy and skepticism surrounding Social Media ROI: lots of debate about what it is, does it exist, etc. Skeptical business owners say things like, “It’s fine for Dell or Ford to make money from Social Media, but what about my small or medium sized business? Who has succeeded besides Fortune 1000 companies?” And though we’ve seen Twitter ROI case studies, there hasn’t been much reported from the Facebook realm.

Here are three examples of positive ROI from Facebook marketing that I presented for the first time a couple of weeks ago in Boston. What I like about them is that they’re all small businesses.

Baseball Rose: 400% ROI

Mark Ellingson runs a website call Baseball Rose that offers artificial roses made from real baseballs and softballs. He spent $200.00 to grow his fan base, and has made $1,000 in Facebook revenue from that investment.

Vamplets: 300% ROI

Jaryl LaMort spearheads the Vamplets website which markets and distributes baby vampire dolls. He is spending $250.00 per month on Facebook ads (direct to the website, not a fan acquisition play) and bringing in $1,000.00 revenue per month from Facebook.

Rosehall Kennel: 4400% ROI

Eliot and Emily Roberts of Rosehall Kennel breed German Shepherds. They spent just $30.00 growing their fan base before they sold their first puppy. Each puppy goes for $1,350.

How to Get Positive Facebook ROI

How did they do it? Some of it may have been beginner’s luck. Some of it is the right audience for the right offering. In FanReach, we taught them:

  1. How to get cheap Facebook ad CPC, cheap clicks, and target the right prospects while doing that; then…
  2. How to engage those fans and keep your Facebook posts visible to a high percentage of your fans.

Doing just those two things well has led to positive ROI for some businesses.

6 Ways to Ensure You Make No Money From Facebook!

Here’s the funny contrarian perspective… what not to do:

  1. Do Facebook before search marketing for a new, unproven website
  2. Don’t use analytics. Optimizing what you’re doing? ridiculous!
  3. Make your prospects jump through lots of hoops and click at least four times before they can buy.
  4. Don’t use any incentives- if they want to buy, they should have to force themselves through the process!
  5. Just get any fans, it doesn’t really matter. Lower your prospect quality by giving away irrelevant prizes like iPads.
  6. Don’t warm people up. Just go right into selling. They’re on Facebook to buy stuff, aren’t they?

But if you aren’t making those mistakes, and you do a good job with Facebook ads and Page engagement, you have an extremely good shot at positive Facebook ROI.

Brian Carter
Brian is author of The Like Economy: How Businesses Make Money With Facebook and Facebook Marketing: Leveraging Facebook's Features For Your Marketing Campaigns, How to... Read Full Bio
Brian Carter
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  • Marcus Interactive

    Great points on how to ensure you make no money. So many companies think that the old style hard sell works and it just doesn’t. Not on Facebook or any social media platform.

  • John greel

    Facebook is one of the most highly trafficked websites online, with millions of visitors every day.

  • Flow Simple

    Nice post. Now I have a link to point to when I get the incredulous looks about the value of Facebook marketing.

  • Moira

    Some good points here – suggests that Facebook Marketing is more a kind of management than actually selling – has to be done right in order to be effective!

  • Anonymous

    very cool- I might have to relook at running some adds for my biz

  • Anonymous

    Fantastic post.. Facebook gives more traffic to our website..

  • Anonymous

    Fantastic post.. Facebook gives more traffic to our website..

  • Anonymous

    Fantastic post.. Facebook gives more traffic to our website..

  • Anonymous

    Fantastic post.. Facebook gives more traffic to our website..

  • Anonymous

    Facebook gives more traffic.. Nice post..

  • Anonymous

    Facebook gives more traffic.. Nice post..

  • Anonymous

    Facebook gives more traffic.. Nice post..

  • Sally Mellinger

    As an advocate for social media marketing, it’s nice to see some loose case studies. I wish more companies would focus on tracking their social marketing profits. I don’t believe they are as elusive as we think.

  • Simon Miskimmin

    These are great Proven Case Studies to educate Clients. Thank You!

  • DragonSearch Marketing

    This is a very inspiring post and should be for most small business owners. Depending on your industry, you might have to invest more in the long term, but creating meaningful relationships with your Facebook friends is crucial. Great post.

  • Andrew

    It’s great to see these case studies. Great post. Facebook marketing can be like a selfish lover.

  • Yo Le


    Those are all solid case studies. I’ve picked up a ton of value from the FanReach course especially on how to keep my fans engaged which results in keeping my status updates visible to them.


    – Yo

  • SEO Step

    Nice Post, i will start my ad campaign on Facebook from Monday using your suggestions.

  • briancarter

    Here’s an update. The kennel has now sold 3 puppies for less than $61 ad spend… 6500% ROI.

  • Dhirendra

    Absolutely right, small business can make money through social media. just need to do all in natural way not very promotional and way to force you audience.

  • Ignite Visibility

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