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Facebook Makes It Easier To Delete Unwanted Apps

Facebook has recently updated its app settings page to make it easier for users to get rid of apps they longer want or have any use for.

A new tweak to Facebook’s setting screen, which was noticed by the blog Inside Facebook, can easily show you which third-party apps have access to your Facebook friends list and other sensitive information.

One of the more negative or positive aspects of Facebook, depending on how you look at it, is how easily it can connect you with third-party apps and games. Facebook may also connect with third-party apps for the purpose of sharing recommendations and information on Facebook from other sites, such as Amazon or Netflix.

The problem with connecting to so many third-party apps is that it raises privacy concerns. Those apps not only have access to your public information, but they can access your friends list and other private information about you.

It’s a good idea to get in the habit of reviewing which third-party apps are connected to your Facebook profile.

Here’s how to remove unwanted apps on Facebook’s new app settings page:

  • Log into Facebook, then click the down arrow on the top toolbar and click Settings.
  • From the Settings screen, click the setting for Apps. Hover over an app that you wish to modify or remove.
  • Click on Edit Settings, then you can review the settings for the app and make changes.
  • If you would rather delete the app, hover over it and click the Remove button (X). Click the check mark to delete all activity for the app and then click the Remove button.

Adding an app to Facebook is so easy that you might lose track of all the apps you have added over the years. Doing a regular cleansing of unwanted apps is something that’s worth doing from time to time.

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Facebook Makes It Easier To Delete Unwanted Apps

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