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Facebook Makes 5 Predictions For A Mobile-First Future

Get ready to put the desktop computer in the back of your mind and start thinking about mobile first. Facebook predicts that as smartphones become a more integral part of people’s lives, the mobile experience is going to take priority.

With Mobile World Congress taking place in Barcelona this week, the topic of mobile devices is hot on everyone’s mind. Jane Schachtel, Facebook’s global head of technology and mobile strategy, took to the Facebook For Business blog this week to give her predictions for what a mobile-first future will look like.

More Affordable Smartphones
Schachtel predicts the the importance of getting smartphones into the hands of people in high-growth countries, such as India and Indonesia, is going to lead to companies making better devices for less money

Mobile Commerce Becoming The Norm
New solutions are going to emerge for people to buy and sell things online, Schachtel predicts. A lot of business is already conducted online, but some industries still have yet to adapt their business models to mobile.

Manufacturers Need To Stand Out
With many devices on the market offering similar designs and near identical features, there’s a greater need for smartphone manufacturers to stand out from one another. Creating marketing messages that are more authentic and personally relevant is one way to do this.

Schachtel also predicts we’ll start seeing more companies creating devices to pair with their smartphone, such as watches and selfie cams, in order to strengthen customer loyalty.

Improved Network Capabilities
Networks need to become faster and more reliable in order to keep up with the massive amounts of content we all consume each day. In time 5G networks will start to spring up, and new ways will be created to deliver video to people on slower networks. This is a trend brands need to pay particularly close attention to, Schachtel says.

More Machine To Machine Connections
Schachtel expects to see more devices that connect with our other devices, while also adding that companies are going to convince us why those devices are meaningful to our lives and not just cool pieces of tech.

At the end of the day, Schachtel says she sees a mobile-first future as being good for people and good for businesses.

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Facebook Makes 5 Predictions For A Mobile-First Future

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