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Facebook Lets Users Create New Types of Video Content

Facebook is introducing new video features which will let users create interactive video content.

A new set of features will let publishers add quizzes, polls, challenges, and gamification to their videos.

In gameshow-like fashion, viewers can interact with the videos as well as be eliminated or advance through the games based on right or wrong answers.

Facebook is introducing these features as a way to make videos more than a passive experience.

“We believe that watching video doesn’t have to be passive, and that many types of traditional entertainment formats — from game shows to reality TV to scripted content — can be reinvented to be community-centric. Today we’re sharing the next step for interactive video on Facebook. We’re announcing a set of new tools — polling for Live and on-demand video and gamification for Live — that will give creators the power to create fun, unique, and interactive content for their fans.”

Facebook will begin the rollout of interactive videos with two new formats — polling for both Live and on demand videos, and gamification for Live videos.

Polling lets creators add questions with a set of answers. This could include asking viewers to vote on their favorite things, getting advice from viewers by presenting a selection of choices, and so on.

Gamification lets users create a set of questions. The difference between games and polls is that games will have correct answers. Users will get eliminated by answering incorrectly.

Facebook will begin the rollout of this new video content with select publishers. Those interested in getting early access can register their interest here.

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Facebook Lets Users Create New Types of Video Content

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