Facebook Introduces Organic Post Targeting, Along With Other New Tools For Pages

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In an effort to help publishers better connect with their audience on Facebook, the company announced today a new set of tools and and improvements to insights and analytics.

Here is an overview of the new tools:

Interest Targeting
Facebook is making it easier for Pages to target posts more precisely. Similar to how you can target ads and boosted posts based on specific audience interests, Facebook is extending that ability to organic posts.

Post End Date
Now you can set an expiration date on your posts, so to speak. While the posts will still be live on your page, you can set a date for it to stop being displayed in peoples’ news feeds. For example, if you’re posting a sale that’s only on today, it wouldn’t do any good for people to see that post tomorrow. That’s when you could set an end date so your audience doesn’t end up seeing posts with dated content.

Both the Interest Targeting and Post End Date features are now available to all Pages that have enabled the Targeting and Privacy setting, but are only accessible on desktop at the moment.

Smart Publishing
Facebook is taking the guess work out of deciding what stories on your website to share with your audience. This new feature, which is currently only available to a limited number of media organizations, will automatically display your most shared content in the news feeds of people who like your page. The company indicates they hope to make smart publishing more broadly available in the coming months.

Improved Insights
Did one of your articles recently explode in popularity and you’re not sure why? It could be because an influencer or a popular brand shared it on their Facebook page. That’s among the insights you’ll have access to with the improvements announced today.

More accurate and actionable analytics features include a new Top URLs section, which displays URL-level reporting, and a way to segment data based on specific time frames, including hourly insights.

These new features are accessible from your Domain Insights dashboard.

Matt Southern

Matt Southern

Lead News Writer
Matt Southern is the lead news writer at Search Engine Journal. His passion for helping people in all aspects of online marketing flows through in the expert industry coverage he provides.
Matt Southern
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  • Mike

    Still just teetering around the edges imo. It’s far too expensive (and fiddly) to advertise on Facebook still, even if you don’t go down the direct paid route.

  • http://techreviewpro.com/ Rahul Dubey

    Hi Matt !

    It sounds that probably this might somewhat bring changes and improvement in Facebook audience targeting specially in an era when Facebook’s organic post reach is almost dead. Though listening about some changes in organic targeting is a pleasant experience but I still think this might not do any changes in organic reach seekers. These improvements and changes are much more specific to those people who are paying Facebook for sponsored post reach.

    Don’t you think so ??

    • Norton Loomer

      It might not increase your organic reach, but it will make it more likely for your posts to get in front of the people you want to see them. And, if that happens, then more people might share your post.

  • http://www.bloggingtechniques.com/ Mustafa Gaziani

    Hey Matt,
    It’s a great news to promote content to a specific audience according to the requirement of post. Though it’s a good sign to get targeted audience. But, is it true that this change has happened from now? Because I can’t see any change in my facebook page. Might be, this change probably only for paid advertisement users?
    What you think?

    • Norton Loomer

      You have to enable Targeting and Privacy in your page’s settings. Then you will have the ability to target posts.

  • http://www.brickmarketing.com Nick Stamoulis

    The interest targeting on organic posts is cool, but organic reach is so low (and only getting lower) already. Worth testing to see but I’m skeptical since there seems to be a push to pay for visibility now.

  • http://www.affordablewebsites.ie Gary Watson

    I have a customer who was solely running his online business through Facebook and he was doing very well until they changed what was appearing on peoples news feeds. Do you think this will benefit publishers going forward or another Facebook tactic?

  • http://www.icubeskonnect.com/ Laxmi Tomer

    Hi Matt
    Now it will be easier for small business to target and engage their customers through Facebook. As soon as smart publishing becomes available for everyone promotion through Facebook will be the right choice.