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Facebook Introduces New Video Publishing & Discovery Features

Facebook is rolling out several updates to video publishing, including the ability to upload multiple videos at the same time.

The four key updates that marketers need to know about include:

  • Updates to Bulk Uploader
  • Updates to Playlists
  • New ‘Bulk Actions’ features
  • New “Series” feature: A way to organize content into episodes

Here’s more about each of these updates.

Updates to Bulk Uploader

Facebook is improving the efficiency of its bulk uploader by allowing you to upload up to 50 videos at the same time to one page.

As videos are uploading, users you can edit the title, description, add tags, schedule posts, and choose other settings.

Facebook is also improving the way videos can be scheduled to post.

You can choose to schedule individual videos at a specific time, or you can choose to publish uploaded videos at a regular cadence.

Let’s say you upload 10 videos – you can then select choose to automatically publish one video per day, or one video per week, or any interval you’d like.

Bulk Actions

Facebook says its new bulk actions are smarter editing tools that allow page managers to take actions on videos in bulk.

The available bulk actions are:

  • In-stream ads
  • Rights manager for RM Lite and RM Pro
  • Bulk Scheduling
  • Secondary edit features:
    • Add tags
    • Add custom labels
    • Add video to playlist/series
    • Auto captions
    • Audience Restrictions (only available at the time of upload)

With the exception of audience restrictions, these actions will be available at the time of upload and afterward in the content library.

Keep in mind that taking bulk actions at the time of upload does save time because you can choose a single setting for multiple videos instead of adjusting settings individually.

Updates to Playlists

Facebook is updating playlists to give people a better way of organizing related content without having to start a new page.

Playlists offer the following benefits:

  • Organization: A simple, flexible way to organize content.
  • Distribution: Playlists improve video distribution through related content recommendations.
  • Sharing: Playlists can be easily shared as posts in the news feed. Viewers can click the post to open the full playlist.
  • Placement: Playlists are showcased prominently on your Page
  • Control: Page managers can control the order in which users view videos in playlists.
  • Unique links: A unique URL is generated for each playlists which can be shared with people on or off Facebook.

Page managers can create, manage, edit, and reorder playlists from Creator Studio.


Facebook is launching a brand new feature that’s similar to playlists.

A “series” will allow users to discover video content across Facebook Watch, Facebook’s search results, and the news feed.

Creating a series of videos grants all the same benefits of playlists, with the following unique offerings:

  • Series episodes can appear in the continue watching unit in the series Page.
  • Users can continue watching a series within Facebook Watch.
  • Users can navigate between seasons and episodes. They can also continue watching where they left off at any time.

Playlists can be created, managed, edited, and reordered from Creator Studio.

Facebook recommends using a series when launching a new collection of episodes:

“A series provides a viewer flow, feature set, and brand aesthetic that is best suited to support episodic content, whether a cooking show in which each episode can be independently viewed, or a drama that is best viewed chronologically, due to a narrative arc across episodes.”

When it comes to using a playlist, rather than a series, Facebook says the feature is more suited for thematically-related content.

A series, on the other hand, is designed for groups of episodes that tell a story.

Videos Tab

Playlists and series are housed in a new videos tab that’s available on all pages.

The tab enables viewers to follow the Page and get notified about all new videos as they’re published.

Source: Facebook For Media

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Facebook Introduces New Video Publishing & Discovery Features

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