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Facebook Introduces New Post Format Called Music Stories

Today, Facebook announced it will be rolling out a new post format called Music Stories. Music Stories will trigger when iPhone users share songs from either Apple Music or Spotify.

Included in this new post format is a 30 second preview of the song which can be listened to right on Facebook. Clicking on the story will open it in the supported streaming service it was shred from.

In addition, there will also be the option to save the song to your respective music library with a single click, or purchase directly from iTunes.

More streaming services will be supported soon, the company says, without naming any specifically.

If Facebook wants music to become a better part of the overall user experience, as stated in the announcement, then YouTube and SoundCloud should be supported by Music Stories sooner than later.

Of course, that would involve Facebook encouraging people to go off site to visit a Google property, but it’s hard to deny the extent to which people turn to YouTube when they want to share music.

There’s also the fact that Music Stories can only be published from an iPhone right now, and Facebook didn’t even hint at bringing the new post format to either desktop or Android.

One thing for sure is that music is about to become more of a focal point in peoples’ news feeds from today forward.

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Facebook Introduces New Post Format Called Music Stories

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