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Facebook Introduces New Custom Templates for Stories Ads

Facebook Introduces New Custom Templates for Stories Ads

Facebook is introducing new templates which make it easier for marketers to create custom stories ads across Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram.

These new templates build off of the previous default templates, which allowed marketers to take any digital asset and render it as a fullscreen, vertical ad.

“When designing creative for a digital campaign, we always recommend creating unique assets for different placements when possible. However, as marketers and businesses, we have finite resources and time, and it may not always be possible to create specific assets for each placement. To help tackle that challenge, we’re making it easier for businesses of any size to create for fullscreen vertical stories placements.”

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Customizable stories templates make it possible for marketers to turn existing assets into stories ads with minimal effort.

Here’s how it works:

  • Upload existing asset to Ads Manager
  • Choose from a variety of layouts
  • Customize background colors
  • Add text
  • Select cropping options

With these tools, marketers can produce creative that feels natural to the stories environment.

Initial tests with Instagram Stories showed that using customizable templates instead of using the default templates may lead to better campaign performance. This is because it allows marketers to tailor an asset for their specific brand and campaign.

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Streetbees, a company who specializes in real-time insights, saw a 40% increase in incremental app installs and a 29% reduction in cost per incremental click when using customizable templates versus the automatic default template.

Facebook’s new customizable templates for stories ads are available now.


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