Facebook Introduces Multi-Product Ads And Enhanced Custom Audiences

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This week, Facebook announced two new advertising enhancements that designed to make remarketing on Facebook even more effective. The enhancements include the introduction of multi-product ads, and updates to Custom Audiences from your website.

Multi-product ads

Facebook’s new Multi-product ads give businesses the opportunity to display three products within a single ad unit, on either desktop or mobile. Each of the three advertised products will have its own image, description and click target.

This new ad unit would be particularly powerful for online retailers that are looking to reach visitors that left their website without making a purchase.

Using the multi-product ad unit in tandem with Custom Audiences from your website, the online retailer could remarker a carousel of different items that the visitor looked at before leaving the website.

Facebook points out that Ecommerce company Nomorerack used this approach and saw its click-through-rates increase as much as 42% and its cost per acquisition decrease between 42% and 45%.

Multi-product ads are available to advertisers around the world right now via the Facebook ads API.

Enhanced Custom Audiences from your website

Facebook intends to roll out several enhancements to Custom Audiences from your website. One of these enhancements is a new feature in Ads Manager and Power Editor that allows businesses to customize certain kinds of audiences to advertise to.

For example, you could specifically target people who haven’t visited your website in a while, or people that have visited only certain pages of your site.

The other new features include the ability to choose new audience limits that allow businesses to segment their target audiences for different products, along with a new feature that allows advertisers to automatically build audiences based on past activity history on their website.

The enhancements to Custom Audiences from your website will be rolled out over the next few weeks.

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  • The down side of this is…

    I deal with Google Ads daily for work. Every time they come up in conversation in the office, my phone starts trying to search something.

  • I am actually teaching some of this currently to a group, thanks for the heads up on the new aspects Matt!

  • I just wonder how effective ads are. Google people want a quick number to call. On Facebook, people are there to play. My guess is a Google ad would be more effective.

    Owner CEL Financial Services

  • As on an online marketer I am excited about this!

    Online marketers can’t ignore the power of social advertising and why would anyone want to? Facebook introducing this new feature is good for both the marketer and consumer. Hats off to Facebook.