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Facebook Introduces Larger Images For Link Share Posts


An announcement by Facebook confirms what you may have already noticed through interacting with the social network this week; larger images are now standard for all link share posts.

The goal behind this, Facebook states, is to make stories look “even more beautiful” as well as increase click-through rates on links with larger, more engaging images.

When uploading images to your own website to accompany an article, Facebook’s recommended image size is 1200×627 pixels. Minimum is 560×292 pixels.

Organic link shares are not the only things being affect by this new image format. Larger images are also the new standard for new Page post link ads, Page like ads, offer ads, and event ads.

When either of these are posted, the new image format turns the entire image and text box into a massive link that will point people to the respective website.

Do you like this new change to Facebook? Will it change how you share links from now on? Let me know in the comments section!

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Facebook Introduces Larger Images For Link Share Posts

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