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Facebook Introduces a Premium Ad Offering for Video Advertisers

Facebook is rolling out a premium ad program called Showcase, which lets advertisers target the highest-quality videos.

Ads bought through Showcase show up in Facebook Watch, which houses the platform’s top tier of original and publisher content.

Showcase ads can also appear within certain video content in the newsfeed and Facebook pages.

On average, Facebook says nearly 100 million people in the US watch Showcase eligible content each month.

Showcase is now available for campaigns targeting US audiences and includes the following products:

  • In-Stream Reserve: In-stream ads can appear either mid-roll or pre-roll. These placements are bought in advance at a fixed cost and delivered to in-target audiences verified by Nielsen.
  • In-Stream Reserve Categories: Includes all the features of In-Stream Reserve, and allows advertisers to reach people within contextually relevant content. Categories include sports, fashion/beauty, entertainment, food, and news.
  • Sponsorships: Allow advertisers to be the exclusive sponsor of a program for US viewers, giving advertisers the opportunity to place their ads in specific shows.

Facebook emphasizes that Showcase can help advertisers reach younger audiences that are difficult to reach on traditional TV.

“Showcase can help advertisers reach younger-skewing audiences that are increasingly difficult to reach on TV. Over the past three months, 43% of people in the US who watched In-Stream Reserve-eligible content on Facebook were 18-34 years old, compared to 28% of TV viewers.”

Ultimately, Showcase is designed to let advertisers buy and measure video ad campaigns using the same processes that premium video and TV ad buyers are familiar with.

Ads are bought upfront at a fixed price and guaranteed to be shown to a specific demographic.

For more information about Showcase, visit the new launch page.

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Facebook Introduces a Premium Ad Offering for Video Advertisers

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