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New Ways to Search For Live Video on Facebook

Facebook has improved the search and discovery process for live videos, days after announcing a host of new features for Facebook live videos.

Facebook Search is being updated with new ways to discover the live content that’s being created around the world. In fact, it will be a dedicated search experience which breaks out into a separate user interface from regular Facebook search. Think something more along the lines of the YouTube search experience.

With the new search exprience you will be able to discover live and recorded video by typing in keywords or browsing through channels. Only videos that are either public or have been shared with you will be visible in search.

This new search feature is said to be coming soon with no firm release date given. In addition to Facebook Search, Live Video will begin to be featured in trending topics. If a relevant live video about a trending topic is available, it will be included in the search results page for that trending topic.

On the Trending sidebar there will be new “LIVE” indicators next to trending topics which have relevant live videos available. The company says to expect to see these in only a “small handful” of trending topics for now. Of course, as more people share and record live video it will be featured in more trending topics going forward.


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New Ways to Search For Live Video on Facebook

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