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Facebook Expands its Brand Safety Controls for Advertisers

Facebook is building on its existing set of brand safety tools to give advertisers even more control over how their brand appears on the network.

Facebook’s brand safety tools let advertisers specify in which types of publisher content their ads should appear. Advertisers can also create block lists to prevent their ads from being served on specific publishers’ content.

In addition, existing brand safety tools include publisher delivery reports, to show advertisers where their ads actually appear. Other options are also available through integrations with third parties.

Joining the existing brand safety controls are these new features Facebook is rolling out today:

  • Account-level settings: Advertisers can now create block lists, get delivery reports, and set inventory filters at an account level, as opposed to applying these settings one campaign at a time.
  • Improved delivery reports: Advertisers can search for delivery reports by account ID or publisher without downloading it first. Google will soon add content level information to this report as well.
  • New brand safety partner: Video advertising company Zefr is now a Facebook brand safety partner, which means they’ll play a role in the creation of future brand safety controls and tools.
  • Dynamic Content Sets: A content-level white listing tool for advertisers working with Integral Ad Science, OpenSlate, and Zefr.
  • Publisher White Lists: Facebook is beginning to test publisher white lists for Audience Network and in-stream ads. This will be expanded more broadly next year.

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Facebook Expands its Brand Safety Controls for Advertisers

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