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As a follow up to story we published in December announcing the testing of auto-playing video ads in Facebook’s news feed, it may come as welcome news to most people that Facebook has decided to delay the rollout of these ads until as late as summer.

Mashable reported this week that the launch of these ads could come as early as March or as late as summer. Facebook is taking their time reviewing tests of the video ads while ensuring they can keep up with demand and provide the high quality analytics advertisers have come to expect from Facebook’s ad platform.

Another reason for the delay is that advertisers are put off by the lack of targeting and high price point. As a small business, don’t expect to be able to run these ads. The going rate is now $600,000 per day. This is actually a decrease from the original price range of $1 million and $2.5 million per day.

These ads don’t come with a lot of targeting options either, only four to be exact: men over 35, men under 35, women over 35 and women over 35. You could also hit them all at once for a price of around $2.4 million.

However, Facebook guarantees that the ad will be in the first position on the News Feed for everyone who logs on that day, which puts their price more or less in line with a page takeover ad on YouTube or Yahoo.

Advertisers aside, users are also put off by the idea of auto-playing video ads. Mashable conducted a poll  of 1,130 readers, 61% of which said they “don’t love” the idea of auto-play ads in the News Feed. So Facebook needs to ask themselves if the extra revenue is worth ticking off their users and risking them abandoning the site.

Would you be put off by auto-playing video ads at the top of your News Feed? Let me know what you think in the comments.

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  • Jennifer

    I would absolutely be put off by these ads. Already can’t stand auto-play ads on YouTube and I’m not the only person I know who feels the same way. We should have the option as a user to opt out. Not be subjected to unwanted advertising.

    • I agree with Jenifer, These are annoying because they are a visual distraction. However, that’s what they are hoping for anyway.

  • mithya

    Yep. HATE it. It’ll make users less and less coming back to facebook. Don’t flatter urself too much, facebook. There are tons of social media out there that people can choose now.

  • Anybody in the world of web development and design knows that ‘autoplay’ is a fail. Autoplay is a turn-off to most .. who upon after clicking into a site that has it, hits the browser back button as fast as they can.

    Facebook’s desperate attempt to make ad revenue will surely one day be to their undoing.

  • Not everybody has unlimited bandwidth (or even generous bandwidth). I live in rural Massachusetts. We don’t have the population density to get cable, never mind dsl, FIOS etc. I use a 3G aircard. I guess the geniuses of Social Media figure I live in a 3rd world country.

  • Thanks……

  • Oh no! I already don’t like the auto playing video ads.

  • Maya

    It’s funny when people get upset that a business won’t provide them with a service for free and without ads. I am fine with video ads, as long as sound does not auto play. If sound auto plays I would not use it in meetings.

  • Hi Matt,

    I really don’t like the auto-playing videos on Facebook. They are distracting to me when I go and check out what’s new on my feed.
    Even if I wanted to market something, my choice wouldn’t be an auto-play. To me, it’s just another annoying thing, more than shared inspirational quotes!
    I don’t even like auto-playing videos when I opt into a sales page. There is no way to quiet it down!