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Facebook Changes Requirements for Pages With Large US Audiences

Facebook is implementing new requirements for people who manage pages with a large US audience.

Going forward, people who manage such pages will need to go through an authorization process before continuing to post.

The authorization process will ask page managers to secure their account with two-factor authentication, which involves confirming their primary country location.

Facebook is making these changes to make it more difficult for people to manage a page with a fake or hacked account.

Page managers who are required to go through this new authorization process will see a notification at the top of their news feed prompting them to begin the process.

Facebook says the process should only take a few minutes to complete. Until the process is completed the page will not be able to publish any new content.

The new requirements for page managers will be enforced later this month, the company says.

In addition to these policy changes, there will also be changes made to the information that is displayed on Facebook pages.

Going forward, users will be able to see the following new pieces of info on a Facebook page.

  • Facebook will make it known when a page has merged with another page. This information will be displayed under Page History.
  • A new section called “People Who Manage This Page” will display the primary country locations where the page is managed from. This will only be displayed on pages with a large US audience.

The goal behind displaying this information, Facebook says, is to prevent organizations and individuals from creating accounts that mislead people about who they are or what they’re doing.

Instagram will introduce similar features in the coming weeks.

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Facebook Changes Requirements for Pages With Large US Audiences

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