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Facebook Changes How Videos Rank in the News Feed

Facebook Changes How Videos Rank in the News Feed

Facebook is making three distinct changes to the way videos are distributed in the news feed.

The changes will also affect recommendations in the “More Videos” section.

Facebook says the underlying goal of these changes is to further prioritize original videos that users are actively looking for.

3 Ranking Factors for Videos

Facebook is putting into effect three factors that will impact video ranking.

The following changes will affect how videos are ranked in the news feed, Facebook Watch, and in recommendations:

  • Loyalty and intent: Facebook will strengthen the ranking signals of video that people look for and return to over and over.
  • Video and viewing duration: Facebook will strengthen the ranking signals of videos that keep people engaged for an extended period of time. Videos longer than three minutes will benefit the most.
  • Originality: Facebook will more strongly limit distribution and monetization for unoriginal or repurposed content.
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Facebook emphasizes Pages creating original content that people come back to should only see positive effects from these changes.

“While there are numerous factors that determine video distribution on Facebook, these changes will benefit video distribution for Pages that create original content people want to watch and come back to.”

As part of an ongoing strategy, the company will continue to improve video rankings for original content creators.


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