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Facebook Changes How it Measures Video Ad Metrics

Facebook Changes How it Measures Video Ad Metrics

Facebook has updated its video ad metrics, bringing its metrics more in line with how people watch and interact with videos.

More specifically, Facebook is updating video ad metrics with respect to reporting the total amount of time a video was viewed.

Rather than focusing solely on duration, video ad metrics are evolving to focus more on consumption. Facebook defines consumption as ” the number of unrepeated seconds people watch.”

In addition, Facebook is introducing entirely new ways of reporting on video plays and removing some of the older metrics.

Measuring Consumption

Unlike video ads on other platforms, users can skip back and replay parts of a video ad on Facebook.

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The way people are consuming video ads is changing, so Facebook’s metrics are evolving along with the change in user behavior.

Facebook will be updating the “3-Second Video Views” and “10-Second Video Views” metrics to count only unrepeated seconds. Those metrics will be updated in Ads Manager and Page Insights.

Measuring Video Plays

Facebook is introducing a new video ad metric that measures when someone sees a video ad playing.

Previously, Facebook may have reported on a video impression even though the video did not actually play due to the user’s settings.

The new “Video Plays” metric in Ads Manager will measure how many times the video was seen in motion on someone’s screen.

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Removing “Redundant Video Metrics

Facebook will be removing the “30-Second Video View” and “Video Percentage Watched” metrics. The company says these metrics are now redundant and infrequently used.

Expect these updates to roll out globally to all advertisers over the coming weeks.


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