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Facebook Can Now Deliver Ads That Are Dynamically Tailored to Each User

Facebook Can Now Deliver Ads That Are Dynamically Tailored to Each User

Facebook is rolling out new advertising features that use machine learning to dynamically customize ads for individual users.

This gives advertisers the ability to serve personalized ads when they may otherwise lack the time and resources required to deliver personally relevant ad experiences.

In an announcement, the company states:

“Facebook machine learning combines data and signals from our platform, with insights you share, in order to make predictions for who the right people are for a given message. As people take different actions on and off Facebook, it creates intent signals that help us deliver a more tailored ad experience. We do this for both Organic and Paid content.”

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Here’s more information about each of Facebook’s new advertising features.

Dynamic Formats and Ad Creative

Facebook’s new dynamic formats and ad creative feature delivers a personalized version of an ad to everyone who sees it. This lets advertisers dynamically show different ad formats according to what a given user is most likely to respond to.

If, for example, a user is found to prefer carousels over catalogs based on their previous activity, then that’s the format they’ll be served with.

Multiple Text Optimization

With multiple text optimization, advertisers can include more than one option for the for the primary text, headline, and description fields. Facebook will then automatically optimize the ad based on a user’s individual preferences.

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This feature can be used when creating single-media ads for traffic, app installs, and conversions objectives.

Auto-translated Languages for Single-Media Ads

Using the “add languages” features, advertisers can easily deliver ads to international customers with messages translated in the local language. Advertisers will be able to review translations, or provide their own if they prefer.


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