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Facebook And Instagram Hit By Massive Outage

Massive outage at Facebook and Instagram affects users ability to log into the services while disruptions hit the Meta Ads system, too

  • Outage hits both Instagram and Facebook
  • Meta Ads experiencing disruptions
  • Major disruptions to Facebook and Instagram shops
Facebook Instagram Outage

Having trouble logging into Facebook and Instagram? It appears that both Facebook and Instagram have gone down. Users are reporting issues logging into either platforms.

Attempts to log into Facebook results in an unrecognized password.

Official Status Report

The first acknowledgement of a login issue was posted by Meta at 7:51 AM:

“Major disruptions: Platform Status

Mar 5 2024 7:17 AM PST

We are aware of an issue impacting Facebook Login. Our engineering teams are actively looking to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.”
The status was upgraded two hours later at 9:07 AM to recovery in progress:

“Recovering from disruptions: Platform Status

Mar 5 2024 9:07 AM PST

We are recovering from an earlier outage impacting Facebook Login, and services are in the process of being restored. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused.”

Over Half A Million Reports Of Facebook Outages

The DownDetector website shows the outage beginning about 7:01 AM Pacific/10:01 EST, rapidly escalating to over half a million users reporting issues through the Down Detector website by a half an hour later.

Facebook Outage Reports By Users

Screenshot Down Detector for FacebookScreenshot DownDetector

The unknown problem is affecting the ability to login and it affects both Facebook and Instagram on the web and the app.

Where Facebook Outage Affects

Down Detector Reports for FacebookScreenshot Down Detector

Instagram Outage Reports

Perhaps reflecting the user base of Instagram and the likelihood of them reporting the outage, a smaller amount of users have reported the inability to use the site. By 8:40 AM PST there were only +92,000 reports of an outage at the DownDetector website.

Screenshot DownDetector for Instagram

Instagram App Outage

The statistics related to the Instagram users reporting an outage shows that most users who reported an outage reflects how they use Instagram. The clear majority of users are reporting an outage in the Instagram App.

Instagram App Affected

Instagram App OutageSceenshot DownDetector

The reporting for Facebook shows that 75% of reports were about problems logging in, whereas that is only 12% of reports for Instagram.

Meta Ads Manager Disruptions

The Ads Manager status dashboard shows there are disruptions affecting the ability to create new ads, ads delivery and ads reporting

Meta Ads System Disruption And OutageScreenshot Meta Ads Status Page

None of them are functioning.

This is a developing story.

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Facebook And Instagram Hit By Massive Outage

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