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Facebook Allows Advertisers To Find Similar Customers With Expansion To Lookalike Audiences

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Yesterday Facebook announced an expansion to their lookalike audiences capabilities that will help advertisers find more customers who are similar to their existing ones.

Facebook launched lookalike audiences last year, which is an advanced targeting capability that builds off of their custom audiences feature. With lookalike audiences advertisers can use attributes like interests or demographics and show ads to people who share common attributes as their existing customers.

Continuing the idea of targeting similar customers, the expansion launched yesterday allows advertisers to create lookalikes based on people who visit their websites, use their mobile apps, or are connected to their Facebook Pages.

If you’re an advertiser who wants to reach people similar to those that made purchases on your website, you can use the Facebook Custom Audiences For Websites tracking code to reach these people. Facebook says Shopify saw a 2X decrease in cost per lead when using this feature.

If you’re an app developer that’s looking to find more people similar to those who have made some in-app purchases, you can now create lookalike audiences based on people that have previously made purchases through your app and reach those people with mobile app ads.

If you want to keep it simple you can also use lookalike audiences to reach people similar to those who like your Facebook Page.

If you’re intrigued by these new features you can get started right away. The new features for lookalike audiences are available to all advertisers worldwide in Power Editor. To get started, head to Power Editor and click the “Audiences” tab, then select “Create New Audience” → “Lookalike Audience”.

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Facebook Allows Advertisers To Find Similar Customers With Expansion To Lookalike Audiences

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