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Expand the Reach of Your Content with Bing News PubHub

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This week Bing released a new tool for content publishers to get their work discovered by more readers. Bing News PubHub allows publishers to submit their news sites for distribution to Bing users. The company claims that publishers of all sizes will be able to use this tool to reach more of the Bing audience with new and interesting content.

As an argument to consider Bing News PubHub as news portal to share your content on, the company makes the following claims:

  • More than 20% of the US desktop search market uses Bing (this can be proven with the latest comScore numbers), which helps them get the “most comprehensive and relevant news” (difficult to back up this claim with real figures).
  • Millions of Windows 10 users search on Bing through Cortana, and discover content through the Outlook News Connector.
  • News is available in the Bing Search app, which is available on iOS and Android.

“When publishers submit their content through the Bing Publisher Network, they’ve just expanded their reach significantly, giving their stories and outlets even greater exposure.”

To get started using Bing PubHub you first need to become a verified publisher, which can be done in three steps:

  1. Follow Bing Webmaster Guidelines, which is a set of rules similar to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines
  2. Verify that you’re the owner of the site by using Bing’s Webmaster Tools, which is dashboard similar to Google’s Search Console
  3. Finally, fill out the form here to submit your site for consideration

However, even after going through that entire process, your content still might not meet Bing’s criteria for submission if it does not meet the following requirements:

  • Newsworthiness: Content that reports on timely events and topics that are interesting to users.
  • Originality: Content that provides unique facts or points of view.
  • Authority: Identify sources, authors, and attribution of all content.
  • Readability: This includes creating content with correct grammar and spelling, as well as a site design that’s easy for users to navigate.

According to the Bing News Team, more updates and features are said to be on the way.

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Expand the Reach of Your Content with Bing News PubHub

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