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Evidence of Pay-per-Call Success

Evidence of Pay-per-Call Success

Evidence of Pay-per-Call Success

AOL distribution brings a report of success with Ingenio’s pay-per-call for a Cruise Operator. Calls are ultimately a key to local for SMEs, but this model will likely be adopted by large advertisers (i.e., the cruise operator) sooner than mass adoption by SMEs.

He started in February by testing pay-per-call ads within the FindWhat network and was intrigued but “not blown away” by the results; new calls came in and some new business was booked, but the volumes were low. But a few months later, AOL announced that it would begin offering pay-per-call advertising using a platform by Ingenio. Monahan decided to do a trial run on the AOL network with an ad that routed calls to two of the agents affiliated with his company.

“I was stunned by the response,” he says. “We got 20 phone calls in a day. Four were solid prospects who wound up booking cruises, and one other was for a group vacation for 16 people—eight cabins.” When he spoke to DirectTips, he had just enlisted 18 more agents as a call group to rotate the job of taking calls from the ads—which also expanded to include more keywords and phrases, including “Caribbean travel”.

Note that in the article the interviewee sees pay-per-call as something of an “antidote” to click fraud.

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Evidence of Pay-per-Call Success

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