Why Every Business Should Use Facebook

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The majority of businesses have some kind of presence on Facebook but how many are really utilizing the social media giant for its full potential? Probably a lot less than you think. For those who are missing out, I have to imagine that they fail to understand the benefits that Facebook marketing can bring to their businesses. The numbers are astounding – 1.15 billion users, 700 million daily users, average time per Facebook visit is 20 minutes and 8.3 hours is the average amount of time each user spends per month. And if that doesn’t grab your attention, how about the fact that 70% of monthly active Facebook users in the U.S. are engaged and connected to a local business? It could be yours!

In the following infographic, GroSocial looks at some key Facebook numbers that clearly show why businesses marketing efforts and Facebook should be closely connected. If you are already utilizing Facebook marketing, then I think you’ll agree with the numbers. If you are still on the fence, then read on for some very interesting facts and figures.

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Why Every Business Should Use Facebook

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  • Hemang Shah

    Everyday Social media user increased and It’s a biggest platform to promote your business Internet world.

  • Ved Prakash Garg

    Very well illustrated using proper diagrams.Facebook indeed has transformed from just being a mere spot for social hangouts to some serious business exposure.Great work in demonstrating that.

  • Logo Design Bizz

    Wow sound looks very interesting! Today everyone use social media especially Facebook to promote their businesses to get higher amount of visitors to their website and increase revenue.

  • Salman Khan

    Facebook is also doing business right now. The Facebook pages have less worth, as the new posts only go to 10% of the fans. You will have to pay for Facebook Advertisement. But facebook is used in every business these days.