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Even Bing’s Downtime is Getting into the Headlines Now

When news came out that Bing went down for half an hour, I personally didn’t give it much thought since I wasn’t using it that time. And then the Bing search blog posted an explanation for the downtime the same time that the news about it is starting to spread. And then that’s it. But looking deeper into the meaning of things and believing in the saying that there’s a purpose for everything, it got me thinking yes, maybe there’s a reason for this downtime aside from getting into the day’s headlines, nevermind if the news is on the negative side.

And I couldn’t agree more with this article saying that the downtime = happy days for the Microsoft search team. Why happy times? The fact that many people noticed Bing’s downtime is an indication that people are checking out Bing on a periodic, regular basis and not just when new features or announcement come out.

Does this translate to more people actually using Bing? Perhaps yes, or perhaps no. And it’s not a good indication of usage as well.

Anyway in case you’re interested to know what went wrong to Bing when it went down for half an hour, here’s the Microsoft Search Team’s explanation.

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Even Bing’s Downtime is Getting into the Headlines Now

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