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Eurekster SearchPublisher Offering Personalized Site Search for Publishers

Eurekster SearchPublisher Offering Personalized Site Search for Publishers

Eurekster SearchPublisher Offering Personalized Site Search for Publishers

Eurekster is now making its personalized search engine platform available for website publishers under the name Eurekster SearchPublisher. The service is the firstto enable site publishers to provide their users with a “highly tailored Web search experience, which results in greater user loyalty and retention.”

“Currently, publishers lose traffic to generic search engines because they don’t offer their users a Web search with a differentiated or specialized value-add that retains them,” said Steven E. Marder, CEO of Eurekster. “By using Eurekster SearchPublisher, which publishers can brand as they see fit, websites harness the collective intelligence and energy of their visitors to provide highly relevant search results. This relevancy retains users and keeps them coming back to the publisher’s website as a source of content, community, commerce or as a portal. It improves the end-user experience, builds brand loyalty and provides increased ad-revenue opportunities for the publisher.”

Eurekster names (global sourcing engine for business-to-business buyers) and Inc., (youth hangout on the Web with more than 4.5 million monthly visitors) as examples of sites which are using the Eurekster SearchPublisher personalized search. “Every website, no matter how large or small, naturally builds a community of visitors that is unique in its shared interests. Enabling these communities to create automatically and dynamically a search experience based on their own preferences and behavior while within that community is the secret to unlocking their revenue-generating potential.”

“A vertical search solution will add significant utility to our popular club applications where teens aggregate around shared topics of interest,” said Lou Kerner, CEO of, Inc. “Our teens will engage with and appreciate a search feature that learns from them and talks straight to them. As we add new applications to Bolt, we’ll benefit from a search solution that keeps our teens on Bolt and drives revenue from their search activities.”

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