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Enhance Google Adwords Tool with Keyword Tool Supercharger

Keyword Tool Supercharger is a great tool developed by GeekLad. It means to provide more competition and keyword analysis data for a widely-used free keyword research tool – Google Adwords Tool.

It can be installed as Google Chrome Extension or as a browser bookmarklet -KWT Supercharger (FireFox: just drag it to your browser bookmarks toolbar).

Now give it a try!

Run a keyword suggestions search at Google Adwords Tool and click the bookmarklet. The first thing you’ll notice is an extra options box added to the regular Adwords tool interface.

The box contains the following options:

Keyword tool supercharger

The box allows to filter the search terms in various ways you may (and will!) find useful:

  • Desired Daily Volume: The number of daily searches for the keywords. Higher is better.
  • Desired Competition: The number of websites containing the keywords. Lower is better.
  • Desired Supply/Demand Ratio: The # of competing sites/# of daily searches. Lower is better, a ratio less than 1 is ideal.
  • Required words (comma or space separated): Words/phrases you wish to see appear within the results. These need to be separated by commas. You can also prefix a word/phrase with a minus (-) to specify words you do not want to appear in the results.
  • Exact search: Whether or not you want the competition data to be based on searches of the exact phrase (the keyword phrases are searched with quotes). By default, this is enabled.
  • Filter on SEO Criteria: When you click this, only rows that match the criteria above will be displayed.
  • Show All/Update Display: This will display all results (including those that do not match the criteria above).
  • Reload Competition Data: This will reset and reload all of the competition data. This may be necessary if you’ve selected a new choice for the Exact search option.

While this all seems pretty straightforward, let’s look into some of the options in more detail:

Search within your keyword list

Or, in other words, filter your keyword list by one (or more) term you want to see in the key phrase.

For example, first run the keyword search for [diabetic] and then filter the list by two words [diet] and [diets]. You thus see a clean keyword list containing your core term [diabetic] and the extra word you are currently interested in [diet(s)]:

Search within your keyword list

Get an idea of the “supply”

While the “search volume” data gives you an idea of each key term “demand”, the tool offers a way to research the supply: by default, it uses Bing API to check how many search results each term will generate if you search Bing for the exact match. Bing data may seem not exactly reliable but it can be used to compare.

The tool also breaks down monthly searches by average daily search, and then builds a supply/demand ratio based on the daily searches divided by the total number of results for the keyword:

Daily search volume / total number of search results = supply/demand ratio

(The lower the ratio, the better the odds you’ll receive some organic traffic if you use those keywords on your page.)

The additional keyword analysis data is provided in three new columns in the display:

Keyword tool supercharger

You can also query Google search results numbers but, unlike with Bing, you won’t be able to do that in bulk. Instead, you’ll have to click each Bing number for the tool to query and return Google result number. The supply/demand ratio will also be re-calculated once you query Google:

Keyword tool supercharger

A few things I’d like to be added to the tool:

  • The sorting option for the added columns;
  • The ability to enable competition query for the filtered-by-the-keyword list (currently, when I filter the list by a keyword and then push “Reload Competition Data”, the keyword filter seems to get disabled)

All in all, I found the tool very usable and useful. You may want to give it a try and let me know what you think!

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Enhance Google Adwords Tool with Keyword Tool Supercharger

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