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Electronic Jihad Internet Attack Rumored For Today

Electronic Jihad Internet Attack Rumored For Today

Is the Electronic Jihad attack happening today or is it just stirred up rumors? Yevgeny Kaspersky has raised concerns of a major attack on the internet today. Kaspersky has been widely quoted as saying that there would be a major online attack against Israeli sites today. “Arabic and Hebrew language websites contained an announcement of an ‘electronic jihad’ against Israel, to start on 26th August 2004”.

The rumored targets of the attack are political and financial Web sites in the U.S., Israel, and Western European nations, Kaspersky alleged.

Neowin reports that Kaspersky also commented (and raised a very valid point) that if not today, it could be tomorrow that we see an attack. He noted that the many insecurities in the internet’s structure and popular Operating systems meant that it was only a matter of time before online terrorists added ‘the internet’ to their arsenal of weapons.

InternetWeek comments that the Electronic Jihad may be a farce;

“We don’t see anything unusual developing,” said a Symantec spokesperson Wednesday. Symantec operates a global network of threat detection sensors, dubbed DeepSight Threat Network; DeepSight hasn’t spotted any evidence of an impending attack, the spokesperson added.

“We don’t see anything substantiated,” said Ken Dunham, the director of malicious code research for Reston, Va.-based iDefense. “We’re certainly not expecting any major global event that will affect the Internet as a whole.”

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Electronic Jihad Internet Attack Rumored For Today

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