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EffectiveBrand Showcases Travelocity Travel Search Toolbar

EffectiveBrand Showcases Travelocity Travel Search Toolbar

Busy travelers shopping for the right priced flights, hotel rooms, and car rentals have turned to Travelocity on many occassions for their online travel needs. Making Travelocity one of the premier online travel sites – compared with Yahoo Travel and MSN’s Expedia. Such popularity in the travel business and user friendly site functionality led Effective Brand to create a one stop browser toolbar for Travelocity users to house on their web browsers to utilize Travelocity’s services directly from their desktop.

Effective Brand is complete web-based toolbar generator development service. Web site publishers and webmasters can use Effective Brand to build their own site’s branded web toolbar in about 10 minutes. Moreover, they host the toolbar for you on their website with a custom page dedicated to it. The initial toolbar generator is a 4-step procedure where user gets to pick up a logo, a search string, custom buttons, and basic toolbar details.

In an effort to showcase their toolbar creation offering, Effective Brand has launched the Travelocity toolbar. In the same fashion that Vivissimo launched an eBay and 9-11 Commission search to showcase their cluster search technology, Effective Brand has done the same for their toolbar. The Travelocity toolbar offers an instant link directly to the Travelocity site along with Google search functionality. Accompanying the link and search is also a group of web buttons that direct the user to Travelocity channels such as Flights, Hotels, Cars/Rail, Vacations, and last minute deals.

The toolbar also showcases an RSS aggregator, which can be used to send RSS feed powered messages directly to toolbar users. Sites which publish blogs or news via RSS are excellent candidates for creating a successful toolbar which can be used to keep up one to one RSS communication with their users.

Any webmaster can easily create their own toolbar with Effective Brand in the same way that Effective Brand has done so for Travelocity. Simply go to the Effective Brand site, register, and build your own sites customized toolbar in minutes. Now, you don’t have to be a Google or Yahoo to be able to offer your users a custom toolbar.

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EffectiveBrand Showcases Travelocity Travel Search Toolbar

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