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EffectiveBrand Releases Firefox Toolbar Builder Kit

EffectiveBrand Releases Firefox Toolbar Builder Kit

EffectiveBrand Releases Firefox Toolbar Builder Kit

Today EffectiveBrand, the build your site’s own toolbar company, released a Firefox friendly version of their toolbar building service. From EB’s message : “We’re excited to announce the (beta) release of the EffectiveBrand Firefox toolbar! We have been working hard over the past few months to provide our same powerful solution for both Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla’s Firefox.”

Webmasters who have build their own branded search toolbar using EffectiveBrand do not need to build a new Firefox toolbar to market to their site users. When a user decides to download a webmaster’s toolbar, EffectiveBrand will issue the toolbar relevant to the web browser the user is currently surfing with.

EffectiveBrand is complete web-based toolbar generator development service. Web site publishers and webmasters can use EffectiveBrand to build their own site’s branded web toolbar in about 10 minutes. The initial toolbar generator is a 4-step procedure where user gets to pick up a logo, a search string, custom buttons, and basic toolbar details. The toolbar service also offers an RSS aggregator, which can be used to send RSS feed powered messages directly to toolbar users.

Google AdSense and Searchfeed search advertising can be integrated into a branded toolbar to monetize the searches made by web users.

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