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EBook Review: Improve Your Website for Free: Tools, Tips and Tricks!

If you own a website, you should definitely read Rich Page‘s free eBook "Improve Your Website for Free: Tools, Tips and Tricks!".

Improve Your Website for Free: Tools, Tips and Tricks!

The premise of the book is that before spending money on your website marketing, you should first improve your site to make the most of your promotion. Using simple mathematics, Rich demonstrates how website improvements can considerably reduce your marketing costs:

Stop Wasting Money on Your Website Marketing

The book offers a step-by-step tutorial on improving your site and also gives many actionable tips for each of them (recommending tools and resources):

  1. Focus on your site internal analytics;
  2. Learn what usability is and how it is implemented;
  3. Learn your visitors’ behavior (by investigating your site bounce rate, using funnels and goals);
  4. Survey your visitors;
  5. Analyze your site internal search;
  6. Analyze your competitors;
  7. Install a live chat to interact with your visitors;
  8. Take advantage of visualizing analytics tools;
  9. Record your website visitor’s experience;
  10. Analyze your website download time;
  11. Test your website performance;
  12. "And Finally… Restart your marketing efforts and re-evaluate!"

Make sure to also go through the author’s bonus tips and check all resources he refers to. All in all, the book is a great all-in-one website optimization tutorial worth checking out!

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EBook Review: Improve Your Website for Free: Tools, Tips and Tricks!

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