eBay’s Jordan Koene on Improving Click-Through Rates for Better Rankings

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As part of our coverage from the sold-out Searchmetrics x Search Engine Journal conference in San Francisco on SEO, content marketing, and analytics, I recently caught up with Jordan Koene of eBay to discuss the effects of click-through rates (CTRs) on search rankings.

Jordan is a big believer of soliciting user feedback on how pages can be improved and then implementing that feedback to boost CTRs. Hear him discuss this in more detail in the video below:

Here are some key takeaways from the video:

  • The relevancy and the quality of your page, if improved, can have a dramatic effect on your click-through rate. The quality of your page can be improved through obtaining user feedback.
  • Even the smallest changes can make a difference, like changing titles, tweaking content, or moving/replacing images. Those simple things can significantly improve the relevancy and overall quality of the page, which then in turn brings up the CTR of that page.
  • Jordan uses internal data to guide the changes he makes to pages, and he also leverages partners like Searchmetrics to better understand the relevancy of queries and which competitors are showing up for those queries.
  • It’s not all about analyzing data though, as Jordan also recommends getting feedback from human reviewers on the relevancy and quality of pages.
  • The direct impact of improving CTR is a higher ranking. When optimizing a page’s CTR, the goal is always to obtain a higher ranking, which of course trickles down to traffic and conversions.

For more video interviews, please visit SEJ’s YouTube page.

Murray Newlands

Murray Newlands

Murray Newlands FRSA is an entrepreneur, investor, business advisor and speaker. Newlands is also an adviser to the Draper Nexus Network of Things Fund that invests in IOT companies. He advises entrepreneurs and start-ups on various subjects from funding to growth strategies. Newlands received a Bachelor of Laws and he is qualified as a Lawyer. He gained his Green Card by being recognized by the US government as an “alien of extraordinary ability.” Newlands is the author of “Online Marketing: A User’s Manual” published by John Wiley & Sons. Murray regularly contributes to Forbes and Entrepreneur. Murray co-authored Content Marketing Strategies for Professionals with Bruce Clay. Murray runs the agency Influence People based in Palo Alto.
Murray Newlands
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  • http://www.prosites.com/ Norman

    I am having a challenge understanding how making a change to a page can effect CTR. I mean, there are some things you can do, but since most of what you can change only effects the user after the click, how do these changes exactly impact CTR?

    Of course any experience that comes after the click, certainly can impact bounce rates, I just don’t follow how that translates to CTR. Help?

    • The AdApologist

      I was thinking the exact same thing, Norman. Wondered if I was missing something. Creative work impacts the consumer experience and translates into better metrics wherever applied; I just don’t know how creative (i.e.,: insightful) site improvement (post-landing) impacts CTR (pre-landing).