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eBay & Firefox Launch eBay Browser

eBay is getting busier and busier partnering with web applications and now has worked together with Firefox to produce an eBay Firefox browser.

ebay Firefox browser

Yesterday, Search Engine Journal’s Arnold Zafra broke the news on the joint toolbar launched by eBay & Yahoo with special eBay alerts and auction features. Now we see that eBay UK is taking advantage of the growth of Firefox for their own cobranded browser which includes some nifty eBay tools and features.

I always find it interesting to see who is working with who in major International & local markets.

  • eBay and Yahoo are major partners in the US market, with Yahoo using Paypal as its official payment system and eBay running Yahoo ads within the eBay network
  • Mozilla is a major distribution partner of Google in the United States
  • In Asia, Yahoo distributes Mozilla, due to its dominance in the Asian market
  • eBay partners with Google in the UK due to its dominance of the UK market

From Firefox / eBay :

Keep an eye on your eBay trading whereever you are on the web when you install the Mozilla Firefox eBay-Edition. I’s a free tool built with eBay users in mind that will help you get more out of your buying and selling.

  • Be a better bidder : You’re always securely signed in so you can check out your progress ever you like. Customise your alerts so you stay on top of your bids. Be told when an auction style format listing you’re bidding on is about to end.
  • Get updated, instantly : Never miss the eBay action. No matter where you’re browsing, and whatever you’re doing online, you can get an at-a-glance update on all your eBay activities: watching, buying or selling.
  • Safer browsing : You’re safer with the Firefox Companion. You’ll know you’re on a genuine eBay page and not a spoof site or lookalike. When you’re using Firefox you’re also at less risk from pop-up ads, spyware and other web threats.
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eBay & Firefox Launch eBay Browser

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