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eBay Adds RSS Feeds for eBay Stores

eBay Adds RSS Feeds for eBay Stores

eBay has finally added RSS support to their web stores on the net. The company has rolled out its RSS-based content syndication facility to all eBay Stores. As a result, consumers and prospective buyers can now subscribe to feeds from specific stores. This way, they can keep track of their preferred items by receiving information about items for sale and their details.

Storeowners who would like to offer this service to their visitors can access more information from the website. Web Stores with RSS functionality turned on would feature a RSS (Real Simple Syndication) button on the lower left corner of any specific store’s page. Users can then click on the link to add the feed to the RSS reader of their choice.

In addition, eBay also announced the availability of a new section called eBay Marketplace Research. This is designed to help the consumer track transaction trends on eBay. Users can use this facility to monitor the prices of a particular item on eBay over a period of time and make informed decisions to buy and sell products.

They can also get statistics on top keyword searches by category or related keywords; create charts illustrating transaction trends, and deliver data on completed sales over the past 90 days. This service is however not free to use as the users would have to apply for a subscription. The basic price of this service is set at $2.99 for two days of access.

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eBay Adds RSS Feeds for eBay Stores

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