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eBay AdContext Advertising System Launching

eBay AdContext Advertising System Launching

eBay will be taking a page from both the contextual advertising model which has been perfected by Google and Yahoo as well as a page from the affiliate marketing model to launch eBay AdContext next week. Reuters says that AdContext will allow eBay merchants to advertise their services or goods via the sites and blogs of publishers who choose the AdContext system as an alternative (or depending on TOS, an addition) to Google AdSense or Yahoo Publisher Network.

The publishers of the sites which are running the eBay AdContext ads will then receive a commission of the eBay sale. Google AdSense and YPN currently pay their publishers via a pay-per-click structure (with some price differentiations based on estimated conversion rates).

Additionally, while AdSense and YPN link to a wide variety of of advertiser sites, eBay AdContext will only link to eBay sales and auctions.

Like Google and Yahoo, eBay AdContext’s contextual advertising technology will scan the sites which are running the ads for phrases and keywords, then serve an ad relevant to that site’s content. For example, a site about platform shoes would show ads for eBay auctions of platform shoes.. Disney collectible themed blogs would show links to auctions of Disney collectibles.

eBay AdContext should work well on niche themed and product oriented sites, similar to Chitika eMinimalls when they launched. As a new form of blog and site monetization, it will be quite exciting to monitor the rollout of eBay AdContext and we hope to have more on the advertising program in the near future.

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eBay AdContext Advertising System Launching

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