Easy Step by Step Way to Use Youtube for Link Building

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Nylon Magazine (and yes I know that I’m a bit too old to be reading it) has started to put a youtube link in every article in their print magazine. It’s a fantastic way to mix media and use offline methods to promote online marketing. Jamie Oliver sends out emails to his subscribers with video messages in them. This goes to (you guessed it) his youtube channel.

The interesting thing about using youtube for link building is that you don’t have to think about how these links will improve your PageRank, or your Google ranking. Think about how it will build brand awareness, connect you with your community, and bring more relevant traffic to your site. If you get a boost in anything else, consider it the icing on the cake.

Now, since the web abounds with information on how to use youtube, I won’t go into anything like that here. Instead, I just want to get you thinking about ways you can use this to your advantage. I’m also not talking about funneling link juice to any site, period. I’m talking about getting traffic.

Here’s a quick and easy step by step way to use youtube for link building.


Hopefully you won’t be posting videos if you have poor content. Videos should be well-produced and professional, unless your style and brand suggest otherwise. I’ve seen some really hip and edgy videos actually, and because of the hipness of the brand, they worked. Point to other web and video content in this video to keep users engaged.


A user can create a channel, or a brand can create a channel. Google has some helpful tips on creating a brand channel here. In this piece when I refer to a channel, I mean a “brand” channel. However, a user’s channel can also be a good way to build links and do some social media link building.

If you have enough content, you can create your own channel and have subscribers who will be alerted to any new content that you post. By doing this, you’re staking your claim on your brandspace on one of the most popular social sites out there today.


Just as you may use a blogroll to find other good blogs to ask for a link, you can use youtube channel subscribers to do the same.


Video comments work just the same as blog comments, allowing you to locate more like-minded individuals. Be prepared to wade through loads of spammy comments in order to find some decent prospects, as nothing attracts idiotic comments like youtube.


You can share youtube videos from the site. People are lazier than ever (myself included) and sharing something from the post, page, or video makes things much easier.

Just as with any other method of link building, you get the good and the bad, of course.

The Good

This is a good way to connect with other like-minded users and see what THEY write about on their own sites.

If someone searches for your brand or your name, your youtube channel could be listed in the SERPs.

It’s another gateway into competitive analysis.

The Bad

This type of link building won’t work with every demographic or every niche. It may be a fantastic way to generate more traffic for a fashion site, but not a great way to get more traffic to your site about retirement benefits. Some target demographics just aren’t really using a lot of social media sites yet.

Depending upon the style of video that you want to shoot, cost can be prohibitive. It’s easy enough to sit down in front of a webcam and record yourself talking about something, but producing a slick and professional video isn’t cheap.

The thing is…youtube is very, very hot. It has been for ages and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. I cannot tell you the amount of time that I’ve wasted watching videos of a cat knocking something over, or rewatching clips from a music show that I went to, etc. Video is a seriously important medium right now, and it’s also a nice way to attract enough attention to get people to see your actual website.

Julie Joyce
Julie Joyce owns the link development agency Link Fish Media, is one of SEO Chicks, and contributes to Search Engine Land and Search Marketing Gurus.
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  • andykuiper

    Thanks Julie ūüôā I'm going to look into the Brand Channel aspect as a result of your article ūüôā

  • juliejoyce

    Thanks Andy! Glad you found something to take away!

  • http://www.linkbuildr.com/ Linkbuildr

    Great stuff Julie! I wanted to pipe in with making sure brands utilize the tags properly because of one awesome reason, open APIs. Social content sites like Squidoo, Hubpages etc can potentially pick up your content into their hub, lens whatever.

    This doubles up also as links to your social media content, helping you rank on some long tails or just build that content authority.

  • http://www.herren-damenmode.com/ Damenmode

    I never had the idea before to use youtube for linkbuilding. I just try this. Great post Julie!

  • http://www.drjoetooth.com/ Nashua Dentist

    Nice Article!
    YouTube is an extremely popular website for video-sharing.

  • juliejoyce

    Thanks everyone…and Linkbuildr, that's an excellent point about the tags. Perhaps someone will write a followup on that item…

  • http://www.rentak.dk Christian

    Is it good for Seo to get traffic to my site. I dont think i will be able to reach my targetgroup on youtube, but im sure that I could get some traffic. Will it help me place better in google?

    Thanks for the article

  • http://www.facebook.com/pages/FirstFound-SEO-Manchester/112773592075518 Andy @ FirstFound

    Something else on the “Bad” is the quality of comments you attract on YouTube. I've participated in all sorts of forums for over a decade, and I've never seen people as vitriolic and peurile as the ones you'll find on YouTube.

    The positives, on the whole, outweigh that, but you need to remember you're exposing your brand to these people.

  • http://submitgu.ru SubmitguRu

    No doubt that quality comments increases the traffic. People like the interaction of commenting and a high level of confidence. So, HQ commenting is one of the biggest factors. Maybe the main factor.

  • http://apartments.com.ua Kiev apartments

    Well, I think It is nice idea to use youtube for linkbuilding, But it seems only the another step in the linkbuilding development. what will be the next one? I think soon we'll know it.

  • http://www.knowledgeworthknowing.com knowledgeWorthKnowing

    This seems to be another good way to get links. About the comment about video quality: I like my videos to be short and sweet, to the point and great! Many people allow their videos to be drawn out and very repetitive. When they sale videos on their site, I often wonder if they are also thrown together and I will often not buy their product because their you tube videos are lame.

  • Vancouver_Homes

    Hello Julie, one of my realtor cohorts back east has set up a youtube channel and claims it is working well for both traffic and SEO. Thus, I'm trying to get up to speed and going on my own channel. Thanks for the info!

  • http://www.clarkcountyexpert.com/ John, Vancouver WA Homes

    Hello Julie, one of my realtor cohorts back east has set up a youtube channel and claims it is working well for both traffic and SEO. Thus, I'm trying to get up to speed and going on my own channel. Thanks for the info!