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EarthLink TrafficBuilder : Monthly PPC Management

EarthLink TrafficBuilder : Monthly PPC Management

EarthLink, which laid off 50% of its workforce and backed out of the Google partnered San Francisco wireless program, is now refocusing its business structure, on subscription model search marketing programs.

EarthLink TrafficBuilder was launched by its Business Solutions department to develop and optimizes search terms, creates ad copy, and then load it across its network of search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Although the ease of such a ‘set it and forget it’ service may attract the small business owner, there are also many other services on the market which may deliver more targeted or more diverse results. I suggest testing the demo versions of various 3rd party search marketing management software, and checking out our partners; SEM-In-A-Box and Dynamic Software.

Called Traffic Builder, the new service is a 12-month term product that guarantees delivery of up to 4,800 clicks a year. EarthLink Business Solutions offers six plans that start at $66.95 a month, with no setup fees.

Business customers receive monthly performance email messages. If the website attracts more than the guaranteed number of clicks, there are no charges for additional clicks.

On the other hand, if an account underperforms, EarthLink Business Solutions proactively modifies the editorial content, keywords, generic and geographical search criteria, and automatically uploads changes to the search engines, guaranteeing results for each service package.

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EarthLink TrafficBuilder : Monthly PPC Management

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