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Dulance Offers Search Engine Advertising Blocker

A company called Dulance has just unleashed a vicious hound of a piece of software on the search engine marketing world, ironically, in an attempt to further market their product search engine.

The question I have with such software is “is there a need for this?” I mean come on, for the most part, and especially in Google and the new MSN results, sponsored search links are differentiated from the organic results with not much confusion (for the experienced user).

With search engine advertising being such a huge market and Internet “pick-me-up” there is also a certain fear in a product like this. What if it is installed in some WhenU or Gator style AdWare so Google or Yahoo sponsored listings are not shown, but relevant search results ads are.

On the otherhand, such software may even bring more desire by companies to turn to search engine optimization for long term organic search benefits and better conversion rates than search advertising. Especially if this catches on and search engine advertising is blocked by even 5% of IE users.

Dulance’s AdFree button eliminates all commercial listings from search results, including all sponsored links and any product listings within the organic results.

“Given the sheer number of online merchants and the success they’ve enjoyed with Search Engine Optimization campaigns, it is increasingly difficult for search users to locate informational pages in the sea of commercial content,” explains Dulance founder and CEO, Sergei Burkov. “On the other hand, when they are searching specifically for products on the web, they really want to know about all the sources and all the prices available. Our goal with these toolbar buttons is to help search engine users regain control over their results pages—to eliminate commercial clutter when they are researching and to deliver a complete list of sellers when they are shopping.”


Dulance AdFree Button provides these key features:

* Allows users who are searching for information on a given item to filter out any commercial listings, i.e., links to items for sale, before viewing their search engine results pages.

* Works with major search engines including Google, Yahoo, Teoma and AllTheWeb.

* Easy to use; one click to convert generic web search results to commercial – free.

* Also removes sponsored listings and paid inclusion results

* JavaScript implementation requires no software installation.


Dulance AdFree and Shopping buttons can be downloaded for free from (yes, in a fair and balanced manner I am giving the link)

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Dulance Offers Search Engine Advertising Blocker

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