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Dude, Where’s My Yahoo Search Marketing?

Dude, Where’s My Yahoo Search Marketing?

During a week dominated by Google news the Yahoo camp has been a bit quiet, especially over at Yahoo Search Marketing. Seems during a weekend upgrade to the search advertising interface there were a few problems that led to a slow down of the ad management application and then an all around crash of the management system. We’ve seen Overture/Yahoo crashes effect campaigns and reporting in the past, but never to this extent. After a third day of non-accessible accounts, Yahoo has not announced when the problem will be fixed.

Ben at Search Engine Roundtable is covering the problems of certain advertisers who are being “held hostage” by Yahoo Search Marketing. Seems that since advertisers have not been able to log into their accounts over the three day period, advertisers who change their daily budgets frequently or practice dayparting cannot change their account settings on the fly. One forum member complained that “we get socked for traffic we didn’t want over the weekend and had no ability to stop it, BUT for some reason the traffic was 3x greater than a normal weekend for us. Our ad spend increased by close to 20k in less than 3 days.”

As of 8:30 am Thursday August 25th the system is still down. Yahoo has issued a statement:

“Yahoo! Search Marketing initiated a systems upgrade this past weekend to lay the groundwork for performance and availability improvements that our advertisers will see over the coming months. During this process, we encountered some unexpected issues that affected advertisers’ ability to access their accounts. Our number one priority right now is to restore service for our advertisers, so we are working around the clock to resolve this as quickly as possible.”

Advertisers have been quite tickled with Yahoo Search Marketing as of late, with some reports of lower pay-per-click prices and higher conversion percentages than Google. Being that YSM/Overture is the Godfather of Paid Search, we’re expecting an explaination of the problem and for Yahoo Search Marketing to be running full and strong very soon. In the meantime – advertisers, marketers, small and large businesses please don’t freak out – just think what the people working at Yahoo are going through right now.

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Dude, Where’s My Yahoo Search Marketing?

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