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Duda Website Builder For Agencies Adds More AI Tools

Duda added new features to their AI Assistant tools that makes it easier for digital agencies to scale and handle more clients


Duda has announced the addition of new AI assistant features that help digital agencies scale their website creation and optimization, making it easier for them to handle more clients without increasing costs.

Duda Website Builder For Digital Agencies

Duda is a proprietary website builder platform created specifically for digital marketing agencies that allows them to scale and take on more clients without having to hire an army of web developers to scale along with their growth.

The Duda platform facilitates creating high quality websites and easily maintaining them for clients. White labeling allows digital agencies the ability to provide a branded experience to their clients.

Duda AI Assistant Features

Duda added two new features to their robust set of AI tools that further improves the automation of webpage creation and optimization of alt text. The new Sections tool creates webpage sections and layouts using just prompts to describe what is required. It’s almost like something out of a science fiction movie where a designer tells the computer what it wants and the AI completes the project.

The alt text tool expands on the current alt text tool by now acquiring the ability to create alt text for images in bulk for the purposes of accessibility and search optimization. The improved AI alt text tool can also add alt text in multiple languages.

Video Of AI Tool

According to the Duda announcement:

“Duda’s AI sections tool automatically generates new site sections with suggested design, layout, copy, and images from a short user-provided prompt in just a few clicks. This feature drastically reduces the time needed to lay out the page, write copy, and select images. Now, content sections can be tailored and stylized in seconds.

Similarly, Duda’s AI alt text tool boosts productivity by enabling the creation of alt text for all site images at once. Users can generate alt text in multiple languages for images lacking tags or for all site images, streamlining the process of optimizing websites for SEO and accessibility.”

Duda’s continual improvements to their products demonstrates their commitment to helping digital agencies lower their costs while scaling their ability to handle more clients to keep growing into larger and more profitable businesses.

Read the announcement here:

Duda reveals industry-first website creation and optimization AI Assistant for digital marketing agencies

Read about the Duda AI Assistant:

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Duda Website Builder For Agencies Adds More AI Tools

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