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Google Chrome : Now Available for Download

Google set off the weekend Labor Day hype with a (perhaps well planned) leaked announcement of their new browser, Google Chrome, which hit the news outlets yesterday and is now, after a good 20 hours, finally available for download by those who are just dying to try it out. The Google Chrome browser prides itself on a simple design with minimal browser load and lots user security; which reminds me of the Netscape / Mozilla positioning of the late 90’s.

Google Chrome has the ability to change the market as we know it, and after almost a decade of Google stating that they were not interested in launching their own browser, they have finally delivered what might be the perfect end all of the browser wars, and will most definitely make the next round of Dell partnership discussions quite exciting.

Here’s a video of how Chrome works, including its OneBox features and the total Google web browsing experience all rolled into one application (more on Chrome features) :

I’m downloading Chrome right now, and conversing with some of the top folks in the search engine industry on their thoughts on the new Google browser and how it will effect web usage and search as a whole.

  • Frank Watson : “Without firefox plugins it will be a backup at best for now – guess they want users to adapt them using their open source”
  • Dave Snyder : “Chrome is fast as @$#%, I think the “omni=box” could freaking change search forever though .. could be good could be bad”
  • Ken Savage : “I think it’s a great step ahead for browsers. Now if they can improve on that!”
  • Chris Hooley : “Google Chrome is lightweight and fast. First impressions: typical of a Google release. Simple = better.”
  • John Carcutt : “Google Chrome Rocks the pants off of IE … jurry still out on FireFox … But its closing fast.”
  • Sebastian X : “From what I’ve seen so far Google Chrome is a great browser, and incredible fast. As a developer I’ve a couple items on my wish list, but I guess they will deliver most of it quite fast.”
  • Patrick Altoft : Awesome. Going to beat Firefox within months, the only sticking point is the extensions and even those are coming soon.
  • Jim Hedger : The Third Keystroke of the Googopalypse

What do you think of Google Chrome? Feel free to leave a response in the Comments below.

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Google Chrome : Now Available for Download

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