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Google set off the weekend Labor Day hype with a (perhaps well planned) leaked announcement of their new browser, Google Chrome, which hit the news outlets yesterday and is now, after a good 20 hours, finally available for download by those who are just dying to try it out. The Google Chrome browser prides itself on a simple design with minimal browser load and lots user security; which reminds me of the Netscape / Mozilla positioning of the late 90’s.

Google Chrome has the ability to change the market as we know it, and after almost a decade of Google stating that they were not interested in launching their own browser, they have finally delivered what might be the perfect end all of the browser wars, and will most definitely make the next round of Dell partnership discussions quite exciting.

Here’s a video of how Chrome works, including its OneBox features and the total Google web browsing experience all rolled into one application (more on Chrome features) :

I’m downloading Chrome right now, and conversing with some of the top folks in the search engine industry on their thoughts on the new Google browser and how it will effect web usage and search as a whole.

  • Frank Watson : “Without firefox plugins it will be a backup at best for now – guess they want users to adapt them using their open source”
  • Dave Snyder : “Chrome is fast as @$#%, I think the “omni=box” could freaking change search forever though .. could be good could be bad”
  • Ken Savage : “I think it’s a great step ahead for browsers. Now if they can improve on that!”
  • Chris Hooley : “Google Chrome is lightweight and fast. First impressions: typical of a Google release. Simple = better.”
  • John Carcutt : “Google Chrome Rocks the pants off of IE … jurry still out on FireFox … But its closing fast.”
  • Sebastian X : “From what I’ve seen so far Google Chrome is a great browser, and incredible fast. As a developer I’ve a couple items on my wish list, but I guess they will deliver most of it quite fast.”
  • Patrick Altoft : Awesome. Going to beat Firefox within months, the only sticking point is the extensions and even those are coming soon.
  • Jim Hedger : The Third Keystroke of the Googopalypse

What do you think of Google Chrome? Feel free to leave a response in the Comments below.

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • When they enable FF plugin support, I would consider using this as my default browser.

    Will be interesting to see what they’ll do to improve the user experience. They already proved they want to change the security issues with browsing.

  • The real reason they are doing this was actually admitted during the Q&A today.
    I quote:
    “Our hope is that by adding our voice, more users will realize there is a choice.”
    In other words, “We don’t care if they use Firefox or Google Chrome. We just don’t want them to use IE”

  • First impressions, it is a simple and fast browser. As mentioned without extensions it will not beat Firefox. It beats IE (hands down) but the challenge remains that most users will not search out a new browser. They will just stick with what comes on their machines.

  • I kinda disagree.

    Let’s face it, if Google sneezes, people nationwide talk about it. They really are very good at doing little things that make people all over the country talk about them.

    To a large degree this is simply to get people talking about browsers. If the average person starts talking about browsers, typically someone that actually uses the Internet will recommend they try usign FireFox. (It’s better.)

    That’s all Google wants.

    It worked, in my opinion.

  • Very quick startup, quickest of any browser I remember. Rendering is quick too. Other than that, nothing much to report yet, probably a little too early to tell.

  • @Corey : There is much more to the browsing experience than web sites alone.

    Example, Google Docs seems quite fast and more efficient using Google Chrome, as does GMail. If Google Chrome can lead to a streamlined Google Apps performance which is just as good, if not better than Microsoft desktop performance, then Google would now have a very important competitive advantage, don’t you think?

  • Sorry, but no. That is such a big IF, it’s not even conceivable.

    Comparing Google Apps to Microsoft Office is just plain no contest. Google Apps serves a purpose, but you just can’t honestly compare the two.

    Just because you can make a document does not mean it will ever replace Microsoft Word in most workplace offices, let alone, Excel, Outlook, etc.

    Don’t get me wrong. There is a place for Google Apps, and the quickest browser would be best for it.

    But I still feel strongly that Google just did this for the publicity and to “stick it” to Microsoft. We have a war going on that does not even have to happen if each would stick to what they do best.

    Google is just releasing products to get the average person talking about their company. It’s how they won the search wars. They now feel it will work in all industries – and it just might.

    Google is on the lips of every family in America. They just gave another reason for that to continue. I stand by my earlier blog post.

    PS: I do like the browser. It’s not bad. Simple and quick. It serves a purpose, for sure. (But it’s obnoxious that the could not simply keep working with Firefox. They had to release one with GOOGLE on it.)

  • SmellyBean


  • I agree with everyone else – this browser is pretty good! It has a lot of room for growth and although simplistic, very fast.

  • Simple & Very Fast Browsing Experience. Really Nice Browser. It Seems That Very Soon It Will Beat IE.

  • I have installed Google Chrome and found browsing fun with its simple Gtalk like Simplicity. I’ll stick with FireFox for now until Chrome gets some useful plugins to enhance it.

    Read more below

  • Woes! I got some heavy rendering errors, one of my XHTML+SVG pages can’t be displayed at all. Considering that this is just an older build of Webkit this comes as quite a surprise 🙁

    You didn’t write so many articles about the last version of Opera – that browser kicks ass!

  • dejal

    The EULA for this more or less says that Google has rights to view anything you enter into the browser or look at in the browser

    I doubt that any company with any brains will allow this to be installed on any machine that they control.

    This isn’t much different than a Key Logger that some black hat hacker would love to install on a corporate machine.

  • Not exactly. As much as it irritates me that Google is doing this, exactly what they track can be found on Matt’s blog at

  • Jury is still out.

  • I like the speed and it definitely handles some tasks much better than Firefox. Still has trouble displaying some sites (I get blank pages at Bloomberg, for example).

    There are some idiosyncrasies I find annoying (the “Other Bookmarks” thing in the upper right-hand corner) but maybe I’ll get used to them.

    I like it so far, but I’m not sure I’m ready for it to be my default browser. I still have to fall back on Internet Explorer for some sites.

    Firefox just plain sucks compared to Chrome, however.

  • Solomon

    When I can download the whole program to my computer, I may try it.
    Right now, the only thing you can download is a little 474k program that connects to the internet.
    What the hell is up with that?

  • Google Chrome is very light weight and fast in comparison of Firefox and Internet Explorer.

  • Well I downloaded it and tried my site on it.
    Everything renders as would expect it to. The same as FireFox and Safari and unlike ie8.
    however I’m going to stick with firefox because of all the nice plug-ins I use.

  • I want Google Chrome.

  • It’s super fast which is fab. I concur, I’ve come to depend on SEO Quake and other cool Firefox plug inis, we’ll see…

  • Abdul Majid Hyderabad

    In my opinion Google Chrome is the latest search engine which will fulfil the requirements of todays web browsing . ……… its THE search engine of today’s Digital Age , very speedy like a flash and is very Light tooooooooooo

  • i think it’s just like firefox. Nothing new here….

  • Chrome is much better than Firefox or IE, because of the independent tabs.

  • stanley samuel cherian

    its is the fastest searchengine

  • I gave Chrome a try. Although I don’t like Google too much, the browser is nice. The guys really made some sophisticated features. The only things that is really funny is that you can’t implement the google toolbar:D

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