Don’t Forget the Brand in SEO, PPC and Social Media

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You may think I am crazy, but I have found that many marketers forget one of the most valuable tools when marketing online with SEO, PPC, or Social Media. What is this most valuable tool that you may be forgetting?  The Brand!  Don’t worry it’s not your fault, you either forgot or you were focused on beating your competition. No problem.  Here are some items to help you get back on track for those of you that are not using your brand to its fullest potential.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

I am constantly surprised when I find SEO efforts that do not include the brand. If it is your own company or a clients company, do not forget to use their brand within the SEO campaign. Most of the time the brand will be right within the domain name, which makes ranking for that brand very simple.  But there are many cases that I have found that the company has totally disregarded their brand name within the meta tags, or even the content of their site pages.

To remedy this, simply add the brand name to the meta tags on the home page and other related pages.   Adding the brand name to the content somewhere on the home page would be to the companies benefit. Creating a separate page totally dedicated to the brand name explaining exactly what it is and what it means is even more beneficial for ranking and informational purposes.

Most of the time, performing simple optimization techniques that everyone knows will get your brand name ranked in all the major search engines with little effort. You will be surprised at how many people actually search for your products and services by searching solely for your brand.

PPC (Pay Per Click)

This is where I believe most people are missing out on a lot of targeted traffic. If you do not use your brand name within your PPC campaign you are missing out on visitors that are more likely to buy, rather than someone just searching for one of your top keywords. Here is an example of how you should add your brand to your PPC campaign:

Trust Guard
“Trust Guard”
[Trust Guard]

As you can see, I have used every possible way that someone could correctly search for the Trust Guard brand name.  Another idea would be to add common ways that people misspell your brand name to the keyword list.

Social Media

In social media your brand is extremely important.  When people find you on the various social sites, they need to be able to recognize you immediately.  A couple of ways to make sure that they recognize you and your brand is by adding your brand name and brand image (most of the time this would be the logo or personal photo/avatar or your product image) in the profile areas of these social sites.  Make sure that your brand name and image is within the content you post as well.

The main key with social media is being consistent over every social site, meaning you should add the same brand name and images to all the social sites that you are signed up with. Once your brand becomes recognizable and you provide great content to the readers and groups on these social sites you will find and increase in brand awareness and more than likely a boost in sales.

Bringing It All Together

I want to reiterate the word ‘consistency’. It is important that you are consistent with the way that you present your brand, whether using SEO, PPC, Social Media or any other form of marketing. If you are not consistent you will confuse people. If you confuse people you can lose trust. Keep it simple and provide great content and you are bound to succeed.

The guest article by Garrett Pierson. Follow Garrett on Twitter!

Garrett Pierson

Garrett Pierson

Garrett Pierson is Founder and President of New Generation Consulting, a consulting firm specializing in search engine optimization, social media, website conversion, and success. He is the creator of Building Social Equity 2.0 a “SEO Meets Social Media” training course.
Garrett Pierson

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  • Nick Stamoulis

    I try to use branding in every step I do. SEO is important and keywords are important but if the brand isn’t there than people won’t act when they land on your website.

  • David

    Great points, Grant. I hate to admit it, but I’ve made that mistake in the past – optimizing for the high traffic keywords and related queries to help this client get more relevant traffic, I completely left their name off the title to improve relevance for the keywords I placed there. This worked great for landing new visitors, but I completely screwed over anyone that searched for them by brand, which turned out to be around 35% of their target audience. Won’t make that mistake again, to be sure.

    I think the key point is to know how the company is getting business currently. Are their clients are from word-of-mouth referrals, or is it solely from internet traffic that’s searching for a deal on an item, etc… if it’s the latter, brand recognition isn’t the end all – if it’s the former, yeah , it should definitely be in the title, ppc campaign, or other marketing efforts.

  • lohith

    With recent blog by Matt Cuts on branding algorithm people are going to give special emphasis on Branding.

  • Webofusion

    I strongly believe in brand building. But once we start building brand we have to be more careful. We can’t afford to tarnish our image with black hat or grey hat SEO.
    In the initial days of SEO, some people do practise the not-so-legal SEO methods. But their anonymity cloaks their fault. With brands, it more about extra caution.

  • Tim Arnold

    It’s good that Branding is being considered especialy in an area where Google does it’s best to suppress all other brands. But Branding isn’t as simple as using logos and straplines for recognition. It is about differentiation through ‘positioning’ and ‘values’.
    And that takes real ‘creativity’ to add to the SEO understanding.

  • Brian Ratzker

    With social marketing it is all about personal connections and you can’t forget your brand but you also can’t forget the people that you’re also marketing as the main components of your company. Companies and people make buying decisions about Brands but also the people that represent them.

  • Paul R

    Good reminder on adding Brand to the SEO keywords/description. The question is where in the keywords should this Brand word be? First or last?

  • Dana Lookadoo


    Thank you for being “crazy” and reminding us how important our own brand is in marketing as well as the PPC tips. Excellent post!

    Confession: I’ve been like the auto mechanic and put more branding, creative and strategic energy into client projects than into my own brand. I imagine many others are the same.

    Your point about being consistent is key. Many of us have various aliases and profile names and are known in different ways on various forums.

    One thing is for sure, when we see your avatar, we know it’s you! Nice branding!

  • nike dunk

    overall, good posting.

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